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Nola Mandala is a series of New Orleans Mandala paintings. 

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the universeThe basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Mandalas often exhibit radial balanceMandalas focus attention, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandala

Mandalas represent the universe, and it is also said that when you lift up any corner, you will find the whole universe. Traditional Mandalas are blueprints of a temple, and the mind can visualize being in this space during meditation practice. I resonate with the conceptual foundation of the mandala as sacred space. My practice of creating art is an interplay between my consciousness, my mental formations and awareness, and the action, feeling tone (aesthetic component) of painting form, space, color, and value. Ultimately it is interwoven with a path towards liberation, while accepting the varying forms of manifestation on the journey. I am interested in the form of the mandala because it does not represent itself as a fragment. The mandala does not fully exist as a material image. In the Tibetan spiritual tradition, there are three types of mandalas, painting mandalas (thangkas), sand mandalas, and concentration mandalas. The concentration mandala is the most subtle and therefore the most beneficial.  The mandala fully manifests in the consciousness of the viewer as practitioner, during visualization, to settle into a subtle balanced field. 

The influences and inspiration are the Traditional Tibetan meditation mandalas and the sacred space of historical New Orleans houses. Giving thanks for the solid and sacred space of the historical homes of New Orleans, the shared communal spaces, and expansiveness of nature, local and abundant vegetation, NOLA mandala invites you to come inside and occupy this space.  The viewer of a NOLA mandala can visualize one's consciousness the authentic, spiritual, vibrational, energetic city of New Orleans. 

Live music, African Spiritual traditions, Yoga and chakra systems, and sacred geometry provide inspiration.

I humbly give Thanks and Reverence to Africa, and to the African heritage of this city. I hope to express this connection through composition, music and musicians, bright colors, and through the spiritual Adinkra symbols of the Asante in West Africa that are a source of wisdom and meaning. Please see http://adinkra.org/ for the source index site. I am humble to give Thanks and respect to this Spiritual tradition and expression.

The project is only beginning. I hope to study the local architecture in more detail, and to study the bayous and natural environment, and focus on local vegetation, including the local medicinal plants. I am happy to be painting plein aire and live music, and hope to also to give respect to the Community of Musicians and New Orleans Second Line and Mardi Gras Indian Traditions who give this city it's strong and vibrant Spirit.

In metta, Blessings



Artist, Amy Sechooler

Influence and Education

City of New Orleans, February 11, 1999 to present

Land of Medicina Buddha, Soquel, CA 2004

Williams College, Williamstown MA, BA Art, 1998


Nearly every weekend you can find me at Jackson Square in the center of the French Quarter, New Orleans